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Please note that I am no longer accepting wedding photography, effective January 2017.  


Photography services based out of the Lansing, Michigan area.  

Services include events, editorial or illustrative photography, formal and environmental portraits, group portraits, small product, and on-stage performance photography. 

Please call or email me for rates, quotes, scheduling or any other questions.

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Guestbook for Harley J Seeley Photography
Carlos Andres Botero(non-registered)
Thank you, Harvey, for capturing our work with such sensibility!
Ravi de voir nos photos de mariage. Merci encore pour venir complètement à notre cérémonie. Nous avons eu un moment formidable. Impatient pour voir les résultats définitifs de ce grand jour. Merci pour tout votre travail fort.
Your pics are breathtakingly beautiful!
What I have understood over these years is that having the best camera available does not mean every photo taken by people would be good. What i am trying to say it skill, imagination and also a lot of patience and the will to be a student of it is what makes you a better photographer like you. -------------------------
Anne Grantham(non-registered)
Brilliant portfolio!
The guestbook is empty.