Carlos Andres Botero(non-registered)
Thank you, Harvey, for capturing our work with such sensibility!
Ravi de voir nos photos de mariage. Merci encore pour venir complètement à notre cérémonie. Nous avons eu un moment formidable. Impatient pour voir les résultats définitifs de ce grand jour. Merci pour tout votre travail fort.
Your pics are breathtakingly beautiful!
What I have understood over these years is that having the best camera available does not mean every photo taken by people would be good. What i am trying to say it skill, imagination and also a lot of patience and the will to be a student of it is what makes you a better photographer like you. -------------------------
Anne Grantham(non-registered)
Brilliant portfolio!
Barbara Sawyer-Koch(non-registered)
Harley, what a fabulous array of excellent photos. I envy not only your skill but your participation in so many and varied aspects of MSU's life.
Mike Gardner(non-registered)
Looks great.. thanks again for your help
Andie Anderberg Dufala(non-registered)
Your collection of Personal Works is breathtakingly beautiful!
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